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    11 Dogs Who Just Realized You're Not Taking Them On Vacation

    "Wait...we're not all going?"

    1. "My bag's all packed! I'm ready to go!"

    2. "Wait, what do you mean I can't come?"

    3. "But I love vacation."

    4. "Look, I don't even take up that much space."

    5. "You're just gonna leave me here?"

    6. "What am I supposed to do all day? Play with the cat?"

    7. "You can't go, I'll miss you too much."

    8. "What if you pack me in your luggage? Then can I come?"

    9. "I'll even drive us to the airport!"

    10. "Man, this is so unfair."

    11. "You better at least bring me back a toy."

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