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    The 36 Funniest Dog Pics Known To Man

    Bless the internet. Bless dogs. Bless internet dogs.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community, "What's the funniest picture of a dog you've ever seen on the internet?" Here are the best responses:

    1. Dino Dog:

    2. Construction Dog:

    3. Office Dog:

    4. Honest Dog:

    5. Weird Dog:

    6. Unlucky Dog:

    7. Man Dog:

    8. Lag Dog:

    9. Lisp Dog:

    10. Excited Dog:

    11. Rolling With It Dog:

    12. Boop Dog:

    13. Brave Dog:

    14. Identical Twin Dog:

    15. Thick Dog:

    16. Justice Dog:

    17. Lonely Dog:

    18. Slide Dog:

    19. Suspicious Dog:

    20. Left Out Dog:

    21. Fort Dog:

    22. Hungover Dogs:

    23. Brother Dogs:

    24. Camouflage Dog:

    25. First Kiss Dogs:

    26. Pun Dog:

    27. Reporter Dog:

    28. Broken Dog:

    29. Innocent Dog:

    30. Awkward Dog:

    31. Frightened Dog:

    32. Responsible Dog:

    33. Cheeseburger Shoes Dog:

    34. Weird Face Dog:

    35. Smile! Dog:

    36. And The Internet Dog Who Started It All:

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