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    Here Is The Definitive Ranking Of Thanksgiving Food According To You

    You can't argue with this list because YOU chose it!

    Last week I asked you to tell me which Thanksgiving foods are good and which are bad. Now, here is a ranking of those foods as chosen by YOU, dear reader.

    14. Candied yams

    Debbismirnoff / Getty Images

    Hot barf topped in sugary vomit. Hard pass.

    13. Canned cranberry sauce

    Debbismirnoff / Getty Images

    Anything that takes the shape of the container it comes in shouldn't be consumed by human people.

    12. Green bean casserole

    Dreambigphotos / Getty Images

    The only reason to ever put this on your plate is to eat the fried onions on top, let's be honest.

    11. Butternut squash soup

    Bhofack2 / Getty Images

    Listen, on Thanksgiving, you can't give up precious stomach real estate to SOUP. It's just not a good investment!

    10. Fancy cranberry sauce

    Bhofack2 / Getty Images

    Better presentation, still the same cran-garbage. Like putting a wig on a rat.

    9. Roasted brussels sprouts

    Haoliang / Getty Images

    They're fine.

    8. Honey glazed carrots

    Stephanie Frey / Getty Images

    I mean, pour honey on a piece of shoe leather and I'd probably eat it.

    7. Pumpkin pie

    Bhofack2 / Getty Images

    It's as obligatory as a dentist appointment but who doesn't love that mushy pumpkin flavor?

    6. Stuffing

    Brent Hofacker / Getty Images

    The dish that proved bread can and should be wet. Stuff ME with that good stuff.

    5. Gravy

    Bhofack2 / Getty Images

    LIQUID TURKEY!!!!!!! Yumyumyumyum.

    4. Apple pie

    Corinne Poleij / Getty Images

    Any dish that comes with a scoop of ice cream is a friend of mine.

    3. Macaroni and cheese

    Roxiller / Getty Images

    Name a better duo. I'll wait.

    2. Turkey

    Fomaa / Getty Images

    THE SHOWSTOPPER. It's not Thanksgiving without Turkey (or a vegetarian-alternative).

    1. Mashed potatoes

    Veselovaelena / Getty Images

    Here she is: your queen. A simple mashed potato was voted as the best Thanksgiving food. Bow down to the greatness. Bury me in the mash.

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