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    Definitive Proof The Beatles Were The Original Trolls

    "U mad?" โ€” The Beatles.

    1. They understood class struggles:

    2. They were straightforward:

    3. They spoke from the heart:

    4. They had good values:

    5. They defended their art:

    6. They were experimental:

    7. They were always truthful:

    8. They had each other's backs:

    9. They stayed neutral:

    10. They were coy:

    11. They were diplomatic:

    12. They gave credit where credit was due:

    13. They were well spoken:

    14. They never forgot a name:

    15. They were supportive of each other:

    16. And most importantly, they were honest:

    Thumbnail image: Getty / Fox Photos / Hulton Archive

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