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Definitive Proof Owls Aren't Real Animals

We've been fooooooohooooooooled.

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1. I've been told my entire life that owls are real animals that exist on our planet. I'm not buying it.

2. This is not an animal. This is a cartoon character.

3. This is an office chair shaped like owl.

4. This is an...umbrella? I guess?

5. This Maybelline's newest cover model.

6. This is a tiny fluffy feather ball that someone glued googly eyes to.

7. This is a gyroscope, I think.

8. This is a tree stump.

9. I'm pretty sure these are just weird-looking puppies.

10. These are decorative weathervanes.

11. This is an old man and his annoying grandson.

12. This is the girl from The Exorcist .

13. This is just a normal truck. Haven't you ever seen a truck before?

14. This is a tiny kitten.

15. This is a businessman meeting his newest client.

16. And this is the best damn breakdancer I have ever seen.

17. So, there you have it. Owls aren't real. Everything happening here is a figment of your imagination.

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