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27 Completely Innocent Images That Will Bother You For Some Reason

Noooo. Stooop.

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1. This confusing Halloween makeup:

2. This uncomfortable amount of ranch dressing:

3. The way this poor cat was groomed:

4. This unfortunate face swap:

5. This fan art that no one asked for:

Original art by cellcow. / Via

Original art by cellcow.

6. This peeled lemon:

7. The suspicious use of these quotation marks:

8. The placement of this bandage:

9. Mario and Luigi with human noses and no facial hair:

10. This sticky situation:

11. This unnecessary spacing:

12. This square toilet:

13. This bent fork prong:

14. This IMPOSTOR:

15. This stickman with a booty:

16. The strange uniformity of these bubbles:

17. The incorrect framing of this photo:

18. The way ants ate this entire lollipop without disturbing the wrapper:

19. This cinder block that was smoothed from being in the ocean for years:

20. This mysterious window:

21. The wafer-less Kit Kat bar:

22. The way this grass grew through an aloe plant:

23. This eerie cloud formation:

24. These incredibly stiff jeans:

25. The way these two trees share a branch:

26. And the MONSTER who opened this chip bag:

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