We Left Work In The Middle Of The Day To Find The Central Park Mandarin Duck

    This duck is hot as hell.

    We're Erin and Joanna and this is the look of two people consumed by the determination, drive, fear, and excitement of searching for a rare duck in Central Park.

    In October 2018 a rare Mandarin duck was spotted in Central Park. It's a duck native to East Asia. Where did he come from? Why was he there? It's a mystery. The only thing we know for sure is that duck is hot as hell.

    But then the duck went missing!

    I do my best to live a nonviolent life, but if someone stole the duck I will put them in the ground. https://t.co/C28snMnyTJ

    But then... he was back?!?!?!?


    When we heard we had a second chance to see the duck we immediately stopped eating lunch, stood up, and went to Central Park to find that hot duck.

    All we knew was that the hot duck would be near 59th Street. Would we be able to find him? Could we catch him before he mysteriously vanished again?

    Turns out it was extremely easy to find the hot duck because hundreds of people were crowded around the pond looking at him.

    BAM. There he was. The hottest duck we'd ever seen.

    We could not believe how hot this duck was.

    We were ducknotized!

    Regular ducks looked like absolute shit next to this duck.

    Get these not-hot pigeons OUT OF HERE.

    We want! That! Duck!

    I MEAN?!!! YES PLEASE!!!

    He was so chill he even agreed to take a picture with us.

    At one point a man walked by and asked "Why is everyone taking pictures?" and a woman yelled back "IT'S A FAMOUS DUCK!"

    It's true what they say: Once you see a hot duck you'll never be the same.

    The image of New York's hottest duck will be burned into our hearts and minds forever.

    Goodnight, sweet duck.

    video-player.buzzfeed.com / Via Erin Chack / BuzzFeed