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23 Cats Who Are Going To Have Trust Issues

Permanent emotional damage. I hope you're happy.

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1. This cat who is done falling for your little traps.

2. This cat who isn't even sure what's real and what's fake anymore.

3. These kittens who had to grow up too quickly. Their innocence died with a flickering of your fingers.

4. This cat who will never let her guard down around you again. She's an emotional FORTRESS because of you.

5. This cat who will happily decline any future invitations to your little dinner parties.

6. This cat who will never go out for sushi with you again.

7. Just try picking this cat up again. See what happens.

8. This cat who isn't quite sure what's going on here, but he knows he doesn't like it.

9. This cat who is done babysitting for your "little angel."

10. This cat who immediately quit his job after the Post-It incident.

11. This cat who's been having waking nightmares since this episode. NIGHTMARES.

12. This cat who will listen to his gut next time you ask him to do something weird, like sit in a shark's mouth.

13. This cat who is done being your little crash dummy. Do your own stunts next time, human.

14. This cat who insists you make your own toast from now, because she is DONE.

15. This cat who's beginning to realize that nothing lasts forever.

16. This kitten who's not sure who invited the LIZARDS WHEN SHE SPECIFICALLY SAID NO LIZARDS!

17. This cat who feels like everything is out to get him.

18. This cat who doesn't understand why everyone snaps at her when she's just trying to be friendly.

19. This cat who played her last game of "capture the dot" with you. Have fun playing it alone.

20. This cat who doesn't even know which way is up anymore.

21. This kitten who is developing claustrophobia as we speak.

22. This cat who's had ENOUGH of your birthday parties.

23. And this cat who will never be the same after finding out the truth.

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