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    Posted on Nov 12, 2013

    Canadians Attempting To Draw The Outline Of Canada Is Pretty Funny

    We asked a bunch of Canadians if they could draw the shape of Canada without looking at a map. Things got...weird.

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    This is the basic outline of Canada:

    1. This is not.

    2. Neither is this. This is more of a legless dragon.

    3. This one looks like a bloated outline of the United States.

    4. This is a high-heeled shoe designed by a four-year-old child who has never seen a high-heeled shoe.

    5. This is a great maple leaf, but not a great outline of Canada.

    6. This looks like a plate of mashed potatoes and gravy.

    7. This is an artistic representation of a Thanksgiving turkey.

    8. The northern border just completely gave up on this one.

    9. This is looks like the lab of a mad scientist as interpreted by a cubist.

    10. Come on now.

    11. This is the saddest whale who ever lived.

    12. This looks like an internal organ with a Canada tattoo.

    13. The only accurate part of this one is the "Not Canada" written over Alaska.

    14. This one may have genitalia attached to it?

    15. And this actually pretty good!

    A+! Or should we say Eh+!

    Way to go, Canada! We love you!

    And let's be honest: Our America outlines would be pretty sad too.

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