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23 Cake Decorators Who Are Too Literal For Their Own Good

One word: How?

1. Yeah, they definitely wanted a CAT on the grad's head. Not a cap:

2. When they said "Here's the image for the cake!" I'm not sure this is what they meant:

3. At least Josh'll know who his real friends are:

4. Ana will never forgive this punctuation:

5. They wrote this twice and still didn't realize:

6. This was probably harder than drawing five rings:

7. Every single part of this is wrong:

8. That's one way to make a Star Wars cake:

9. Curt won't like this one bit:

10. "Under Neat That":

11. "Congratulations" is kind of a long word:

12. Remember, it's Sheri, not Sherry:

13. "Adam With Blue Flowers" is the name of my band:

14. Definitely not what she meant:

15. Hmm:

16. You know that ol' birthday expression:

17. This feels borderline unsupportive:

18. Parentheses and all:

19. Technically he did put a number one on it:

20. Love that 2007 slang:

21. But we haven't even been on one date:

22. No just no:

23. And this gem from my hilarious co-workers: