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    18 Tumblr Bloggers Who Should Grow Up To Be Writers

    Tumblr has the best ideas. TUMBLR HAS THE BEST IDEAS.

    1. This beautiful spin on The Price Is Right:

    2. The best cooking show that could ever exist:

    3. This incredible alternate reality we deserve to see on film:

    4. This instant YA bestseller:

    5. This thriller:

    6. This lighthearted vampire series:

    7. This memorable commercial:

    8. This true-to-life cooking show:

    9. This genius marketing ploy:

    10. This spiteful Chopped contestant:

    11. This dystopian novel:

    12. This interesting take on a seasoned fantasy character:

    13. This Twilight reboot we'd all like to see:

    14. This science fiction novel that's begging to be written:

    15. This purely evil plot device:

    16. This funny take on a classic:

    17. This updated fairy tale:

    18. This superhero film that needs to exist: