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Billy From "Stranger Things" Doesn't Look Like Billy From "Stranger Things" In Real Life


Stranger Things is back, and with the new season came new characters.


One of them is named Billy and he looks like if young Rob Lowe made a baby with Jesus and the baby got really into George Michael.


Some things to know about Billy: He drives too fast and he's kind of a dick.


And unfortunately he's hot.


But enough about Rob Lowe-Christ Jr. Here's what the actor who plays Billy looks like when he's not screaming in people's faces:

Rich Polk / Stringer

His name is Dacre Montgomery and I still don't know if that's pronounced like "Hundred Dacre Wood" or "Da(t shit)-Cray."

But I was truly astounded at how different he looks in real life. It's almost like TV shows have entire departments dedicated to changing an actor's appearance to better fit the role. Huh.

Amazing, right?, Netflix

Anyway: Here's a pic of him with his shirt off. Bye!!!

  1. What're your thoughts on this?

    What're your thoughts on this?

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What're your thoughts on this?
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    Erin, there ARE departments on TV shows that are responsible for changing an actor's appearance to better fit the role and I am very bad at picking up at sarcasm!
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    He looks different and mullets are one hell of a drug.