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    31 Dwight Schrute Quotes To Live Your Life By


    1. Don't be an idiot:

    2. Hold yourself in high regard:

    3. Remember the person you can trust the most in this life is yourself:

    4. Grow a thicker skin:

    5. Study up:

    6. Be humble:

    7. Know your weaknesses:

    8. Appreciate efficiency:

    9. Know your worth:

    10. Learn to take a compliment:

    11. Be helpful whenever possible:

    12. Speak your truth:

    13. Always be enterprising:

    14. Stay one step ahead:

    15. Pay attention:

    16. Be a little unpredictable:

    17. Give in to the moment:

    18. Be assertive:

    19. Be relatable:

    20. Always have a plan:

    21. Be prepared for anything:

    22. Know when to apologize:

    23. Don't mince words:

    24. Care about the issues:

    25. Don't be afraid to use a power move every once in a while:

    26. Live with a healthy dose of skepticism:

    27. Ask a lot of questions:

    28. Learn from your mistakes:

    29. Be mature:

    30. Never back down:

    31. And remember: Don't be an idiot.