19 Awesomely Impractical Japanese Inventions

Chindōgu (n.): The Japanese art of inventing gadgets that are seemingly useful but too absurd to actually use.

1. For incognito sleeping on the subway:

2. For keeping your hair out of your food while doing an impression of a pink lion:

3. For all those surprise rain storms that happen in the office:

4. For keeping your shoes dry in the rain without compromising style:

5. For a buttering your bread or moisturizing your lips with a tasty balm:

6. For DIY panoramas or taking inconspicuous creep shots of people behind you.

7. For inserting eyedrops or showing off a cool new way to funnel beers.

8. To make use of that baby you have lying around your home:

9. For everyone who wears pants without pockets:

10. Because tool sheds are sooo overrated.

11. For soup that’s too hot or chopsticks that are just too darn light.

12. For the absolute quickest way to ctrl + alt + delete (or shift + X + 3, or caps lock + S + 6, etc.):

13. For allergy season or anytime you eat Chipotle:


14. For collecting rainwater or making walking in the rain a much heavier ordeal than it needs to be:

15. For squishing bugs at a distance and then trampling their guts throughout your home as a warning to other bugs:


16. For cleaning up the bug guts after you’ve made your point clear to his friends:

17. For when you forgot your lighter but remembered your magnifying glass and stand:

18. For that itch you just can’t scratch without a little help from your friend who loves to play Battleship:


19. In case you ever need to apply your lipstick while riding a bumpy wooden roller coaster at an S&M convention:


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