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37 Animals Who Failed So Spectacularly They Almost Won

Maybe next time, animals.

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1. This kitty who was so close yet so far.

2. This little puppy who tried to reach new heights.

3. This cat whose only crime was getting a little thirsty.

4. This hungry husky.

5. This cat who knew camping was a bad idea.

6. This dog whose only mistake was treating himself.

7. This little deer who just need a little more iron in her diet.

8. This dog who tried to make fetch happen.

9. This kitty who should never have trusted the tiny human.

10. This dog who is also a turtle.

11. This cat who is done with play time.

12. This puppy who ate his last bee.

13. This cat who severely underestimated.

14. This dog who really didn't measure right.

15. This cat who delayed the inevitable.

16. This fish out of water.

17. This cat who just needs a breather.

18. This (out of) service dog.

19. This cat who has no idea how she got herself in this predicament.

20. This corgi who is probably still doing this right now.

21. This cat who forgot how to cat.

22. This dog who should look before he leaps.

23. This cat who could stand to lose a few pounds.

24. This kitten who just can't anymore.

25. This fashion-forward dog.

26. This dog whose dreams of going pro were squashed before they even started.

27. This dog who never did catch his shadow.

28. This dog who literally got the shit scared out of him.

29. This bear who seriously lost his cool.

This dog who will never live this down.

30. This cat who will apparently never learn.

31. This puppy who's still not sure what the heck just happened.

32. This dog who has no idea how he got here.

33. This kitten who had a few too many.

34. This dog with butterfingers.

35. This cat who's going nowhere fast.

36. This hump-happy hound.

37. And this cat who got a liiitle too cozy.

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