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19 Animal Sounds That Are More Calming Than A Glass Of Wine

Need to relax?

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1. The rhythmic beating of this corgi's paws against the ground:

2. The light fwapfwapfwap of these ducks' webbed feet:

3. This otter's adorable squeaking:

Instagram: @ponchan918

4. The clicking of hooves on hardwood flooring:

7. This little "rork!"

8. This sick beat:

9. The gentle waves in this doggy whirlpool:

10. These escalating oinks:

11. This perfect scratching noise:

12. This amazing tick!tick!tick! on tile:

13. This plainly stated "arf."

14. This delicate sniffling:

15. This top-notch mewing:

16. The gentle plip-plip of doggy paws in water:

17. These little sneezies:

18. And these very sensual hoarse barks:

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