An Ode To Old Dogs

    Things that are better with age: wine, leather, and DOGS.

    1. First thing's first: Old dogs are THE CUTEST DOGS.

    2. They always look so distinguished, so wise.

    3. Or totally derped out, which is still adorable.

    4. Old dogs are way chill. They always seem to appreciate the little things, like the sun on their face.

    5. Or the sun on their bellies.

    6. Or the sun, in general.

    7. Old dogs are down for anything.

    8. They don't care if you want to turn them into a unicorn. They've seen it all, my friend.

    9. They don't care if you want to use their head as a cup holder. They've got no place else to be.

    10. They don't care if you sit on 'em like a couch. They're not too proud. Pride is for pups.

    11. Old dogs have been sweetened by years and years of love.

    12. They'll hang out in the Barbie fort you made them because they realize it's important to you.

    13. They'll wear a dorky birthday hat because they know it makes you happy.

    14. They'll even rock the sweater you knitted for them. They saw how long it took you to make.

    15. Old dogs make the best companions.

    16. They're not distracted by normal dog activities. They just want to hang with you.

    17. Or sleep. They're really great at sleeping.

    18. But old dogs are still puppies at heart.

    19. At least they still think they're puppies.

    20. Really old, adorable puppies.

    21. (Just let them think they're puppies. It benefits everyone.)

    22. It doesn't matter to old dogs if they can't walk.

    23. Or see.

    24. Or hear.

    25. THEY CAN LIVE!

    26. And they can love.

    27. You can keep your puppies. Just give me a smiling gray-faced dog.

    28. Because old dogs are the best dogs.

    29. Have you hugged an old dog today?