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    Amazon Reviewers Are Having A Field Day With This High Tech Egg Tray

    "I used to have too much money, just sitting there, in the bank. Rotting."

    The online invention company Quirky is selling a high-tech egg tray on Amazon called the [takes a deep breath] Egg Minder Wink App-Enabled Smart Egg Tray.

    Basically it's an egg tray that synchs up to an app on your phone so no matter where you are in the world you can check how many eggs are in your fridge and how fresh they are. Yeah. That's a real thing someone invented.

    As if the existence of an app-enabled egg tray isn't enough to make you feel like the world is melting into a steaming puddle of nonsense, the egg tray has 14 holes instead of 12. / Via Erin Chack / BuzzFeed

    All I see is darkness.

    Obviously snarky Amazon reviewers couldn't let Quirky get away with any of this. Some pointed out the complete uselessness of it: / Via

    "Ever been out on a brisk walk trying to work out the stress from the day and then suddenly been hit with a wave of anxiety wondering just how many eggs are in the fridge and what condition they might possibly be in? Well, with the egg minder those panic attacks are for ever behind us. This product works anywhere too, so we can check on our eggs from the John, or the back of a police car, or even from in the emergency room, because those warning signs to turn off all cell phones are just stupid.

    The Eggminder will set all of our hearts and minds at ease. Our dreams of a more peaceful world are at hand.

    Thank you Eggminder. Thank you."

    Others focused on how completely nonsensical it is: / Via

    "I'm vegan so I don't buy eggs. Nevertheless as soon as this Wink App-Enabled Smart Egg Tray hit the market I bought it. Now, no matter where I am, no matter what time of day or night, I can check the app and verify that there are NO EGGS in my refrigerator. Phew! I am one happy vegan now! Great product! Can't wait for them to release a companion product to reassure me that there's no meat in my refrigerator either."

    Some weren't sure it was worth the $27.49: / Via

    "I used to have too much money, just sitting there, in the bank. Rotting.

    But after buying the Eggminder Internet Connect Egg Tray... I don't have that problem anymore!

    Highly recommended!"

    You can read more sarcastic reviews here.

    Thanks, BuzzFeeder Stephanie Wheatley, for the tip!

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