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What's The Funniest Non-Viral Tweet You've Ever Seen?

Requirements: (1) Tweet must have less than 1,000 faves & RTs. (2) Tweet must be funny as hell.

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Is there a tweet that just tickles your funny bone in the worst way, but for some reason it's severely lacking in RTs and faves?

*poops blood* "What the heck I haven't eaten blood in weeks"

Something that is just Twitter GOLD, even if it doesn't have the stats to prove it?

date: so on a scale of 1 to 10– me: i dont have scales d: no i– m: i'm human d: haha– m: not a lizard person d: m: d: m: *licks eyebrow*

Send us your favorite underrated tweets, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed post!

The only requirements for submissions is as follows:

# Tweet must have less than 1,000 faves and less than 1,000 RTs.

# Tweet must be hilarious.

Feel free to submit URLs or screenshots! 🐣

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