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13 Absolutely Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

No time to thank me now! Christmas is in, like, five seconds.

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5. Plastic water bottle = portable workout hydrater

Shutterstock / Mariyana Misaleva

Now your favorite exercise buff won't have to carry around a water cooler when they work out! It's hydration on the go.

6. Condiment packets = emergency glove compartment food supply

Shutterstock / Elena Elisseeva

Because Christmas is a time to say I love you and I hope when your car skids off the road into a snow bank you'll have something to eat while you wait for emergency workers to pull you free.


9. Used tea bag = organic Christmas tree ornaments

Shutterstock / sil63

Tea lovers and tree lovers, unite! What better way to spruce up that spruce than with a series of used tea bags dangling from its mighty boughs?

10. Hair elastics = pencil holders

Shutterstock / Zvyagintsev Sergey

These aren't just ordinary hair-elastics-turned-pencil-holders! They're color coordinated so you can group your pencils by need. Now you'll never confuse your pencils with broken points with your pencils that ran out of eraser!

13. Cotton balls = shoe shrinker

Shutterstock / STILLFX

Stuff these babies in the toes of your shoes and you'll shrink 'em a whole size smaller! That way you can get away with wearing enormous shoes without feeling like they're going to fall off. Merry Christmas, you clown!