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13 Absolutely Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

No time to thank me now! Christmas is in, like, five seconds.

1. Balled up tinfoil = cat toy

Shutterstock / Joe Hamilton Photography

Believe me, your cat will play with this more than the $30 dust-collector you got from Pet Depot.

2. Chopsticks = dual back scratchers

Shutterstock / ILYA AKINSHIN

Perfect for the person in your life who always has an itchy two places.

3. Cork = repurposed wine stopper

Shutterstock / koosen

They'll love how natural this cork looks in their wine bottle.

4. Clothes hanger = closet organizer

Shutterstock / OZaiachin

Be the best Santa ever and give your loved one the gift of organization. No more clothes in bundled heaps on the closet floor!

5. Plastic water bottle = portable workout hydrater

Shutterstock / Mariyana Misaleva

Now your favorite exercise buff won't have to carry around a water cooler when they work out! It's hydration on the go.

6. Condiment packets = emergency glove compartment food supply

Shutterstock / Elena Elisseeva

Because Christmas is a time to say I love you and I hope when your car skids off the road into a snow bank you'll have something to eat while you wait for emergency workers to pull you free.

7. Tissues = laptop screen cleaners

Shuttestock / Brent Hofacker

What techie could live without this season's must-have gift?

8. Used toothbrush = doll hair brush

Shutterstock / nui7711

Barbie will look like she just walked off the red carpet and smell like that red carpet was located in a peppermint factory.

9. Used tea bag = organic Christmas tree ornaments

Shutterstock / sil63

Tea lovers and tree lovers, unite! What better way to spruce up that spruce than with a series of used tea bags dangling from its mighty boughs?

10. Hair elastics = pencil holders

Shutterstock / Zvyagintsev Sergey

These aren't just ordinary hair-elastics-turned-pencil-holders! They're color coordinated so you can group your pencils by need. Now you'll never confuse your pencils with broken points with your pencils that ran out of eraser!

11. Roll of tape = DIY chunky bangle

Shutterstock / BonD80

Keep your tape handy and look good doing it! Perfect for professional house painters and people whose posters keep falling down.

12. Paper clips = silver(ish) earrings

Shutterstock / ILYA AKINSHIN

People will be asking, Does she know those are paperclips? Or am I missing something?

13. Cotton balls = shoe shrinker

Shutterstock / STILLFX

Stuff these babies in the toes of your shoes and you'll shrink 'em a whole size smaller! That way you can get away with wearing enormous shoes without feeling like they're going to fall off. Merry Christmas, you clown!

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