A Definitive Ranking Of Hillary Clinton's Out-Of-This-World Pantsuits

    Dress for the job you want.

    OK, first thing's first: Hillary Clinton always looks fly.

    Sometimes on top of looking fly, she also looks like she's about to address the galaxy from a floating podium on Glaxon 12.

    ppl like "what's with Hilary's pantsuit, she looks like a interplanetary leader from the future" FUCKING DUH DRESS FOR THE JOB YOU WANT

    This is a ranking of those times. HERE WE GO!

    9. Futuristic Fuchsia

    8. Nebula Navy:

    7. Set Phasers to TEAL:

    6. Multicolored Moon Suit

    5. Deep Space Sequence

    4. Bluniverse

    3. Rocketship Redu

    2. Wormhole White:

    1. Star Yellow