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    Jan 29, 2015

    32 Reasons You Should Need A License To Use Facebook

    We can't just let people use Facebook all willy-nilly. Via /r/OldPeopleFacebook.

    1. Because this isn't an efficient way to order dinner.

    2. Because Advil doesn't have all the answers.

    3. Because Kmart's sympathy only extends so far.

    4. Because no one wants to know when Paul is getting his daily potassium.

    5. Because garlic bread and little fuzzy bunny milk moneys don't mix.

    6. Because cringing this much can't be good for your health.


    8. Because eating your pets is wrong, even with yellow mustard and white bread.

    9. Because copy and pasting is harder than it looks:

    10. Because it's hard to watch Gichael lose control of his life.

    11. Because Patti asks the hard questions.

    12. Because Chris's vagueness is becoming a problem.

    13. Because this is no way to make friends.

    14. Because this is a little heavy for a Facebook feed.

    15. Because Grandmas are the ultimate cockblocks.

    16. Because Ellen almost gave everyone at Walmart a heart attack.

    17. Because your mom should try a little harder than this on your birthday.

    18. Because the world doesn't need to know your resume.

    19. Because Grandma is getting a little clingy.

    20. Because Vincent doesn't have time for anyone's shit.

    21. Because autocorrect is a dangerous tool.

    22. Because no matter how hard you try, Facebook doesn't have voice command.

    23. Because grandmas have not mastered the art of subtlety.

    24. Because this is no way to break family news.

    25. Because the prompt in the status bar went right over James' head.

    26. Because commenting on Google's wall isn't the same as searching Google.

    27. Because grill chess.

    28. Because this is not something you need to share with everyone you know.

    29. Because writing on Google's wall isn't the same as Googling something.


    31. Because no one needs this in their life.

    32. Because this...Actually this is pretty fair.

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