24 Signs You Grew Up In A Small Town

    Where everybody knows your name! Because it would be hard to gossip about you if they didn't.

    1. You had the same barber your entire life.

    2. You looked forward to reading the police blotter.

    3. You purposely drove to a different town to get your prescriptions filled.

    4. Your social life in middle school consisted of standing around in random locations.

    5. And for some reason, the police considered this suspicious activity and told you to find somewhere else to "chillax."

    6. You didn't have to tell your doctor your family history because he knew it firsthand.

    7. If you had an overdue library book you got a personal phone call from the librarian.

    8. Everyone knew the girls from the neighboring town were—ahem—advanced.

    9. You fully understood the politics of proper lawn maintenance.

    10. There was only one good breakfast spot but before you could eat you had to greet everyone you knew.

    11. You knew your recycling said a lot about your personal habits so it was important to be discreet.

    12. Your town had little to no ethnic food options.

    13. Sometimes it felt like there was nothing to do besides drugs...

    14. ...or each other.

    15. You never paid for parking.

    16. The town gossip was the original "Facebook."

    17. Going here was considered a pretty solid Friday night:

    18. Everyone knew what your "big announcement" was before you said it.

    19. You feared certain people in town based solely on urban legends.

    20. When you finally got your license, you spent all your gas driving around town.

    21. A lot of scandalous things went down in parks.

    22. But the most exciting thing to ever happened in your town was that time that B-list celeb stopped to ask for directions.

    23. If your family was going through a crisis, you weren't surprised to find a hot meal on your doorstep.

    24. And finally, you couldn't wait to leave your small town but the second you did you realized it was the best place to grow up.