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    24 Proud Patriots That Are About To Win The 4th Of July

    USA! USA! USA!

    1. This guy who just became Captain 'Murica.

    2. This chick who rides for FREEDOM.

    3. This lady of liberty.

    4. This mustachioed 'Merican.

    5. These patriots of peace.

    6. This United unitard wearer.

    7. These babes who bare it all for the Home of the Brave.

    8. This guy who knows what's really at the heart of America.

    9. This person who's about to smell like gun powder and barbecued ribs.

    10. This freedom flier.

    11. This McAmerican.

    12. This "Eye Love My Country" grandma.

    13. These AmeriCANS.

    14. This stars-and-stripes Sally.

    15. This democratic duo.

    16. This freedom fan.

    17. These Uncle Sams.

    18. This high-flying flagman.

    19. This patriotic package.

    20. This full-chested flag lover.

    21. This wearer of fringed freedom.

    22. This proud-to-be pair.

    23. This noteworthy nationalist.

    24. And Sarah Palin.

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