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    19 Faces People Make Right Before They Sneeze

    Happy spring, allergy sufferers!

    1. The "Elvis In Direct Sunlight"

    2. The "We Are All Just Particles In A Great Cosmic Sneeze"

    3. The "Prisoner Of Pollen"

    4. The "A-la-la-la-llergies"

    5. The "Gesundheit Grimace"

    6. The "Wait, How Many People Have You Slept With?"

    7. The "Just Saw My Parents Doing It"

    8. The "Sniffly Kitten"

    9. The "Naked Mole Rat At High Noon"

    10. The "Tequila And I Are Snot Friends Anymore"

    11. The "The Cat Threw Up On My Pillow Again"

    12. The "Nostril-Damus"

    13. The "I Told You Four Times, It's Pronounced 'Chardonay!'"

    14. The "Mmm, Tissues"

    15. The "I Cannot Behold The Beauty Of This Day"

    16. The "This Is Gonna Hurt"

    17. The "Never Bless A Satanist"

    18. The "Am I Sneezing Or Am I Yawning, Oh Wait I'm Snawning"

    19. The "Mucus Mangler"


    Stay sneezey y'all!

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