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17 Animals Who Look More Fab In Their Christmas Sweaters Than You Ever Will

You tried. But these animals succeeded.

1. This fashionable feline.

2. This bunny who inspired England to call sweaters "jumpers."

3. This snake that proves you don't need arms to look thisss ssstylisssh.

4. This rat who took his look from subway drab to runway fab.

5. These kitties who look litterally cuter than you.

6. This puppy went from husky to hunky.

7. This cat whose style is fur real.

8. These chickens who look like the cock of the walk.

9. This kitty who looks like a dream in her sweater.

10. This pup that has serious doxie moxie.

11. This dog who takes the ug out of pug.

12. This kitten who looks just purrrfect.

13. This cold-blooded, hot lookin' turtle.

14. This cat who clawed his way to the top of the fashion world.

15. This ferret who proves turtlenecks aren't just for turtles.

16. This bird with eggcellent style.

17. This dog who makes your sweater look ruff by comparison.