16 Things Camp Counselors Understand

There is no job like it.

1. Finishing staff training thinking you are ready to conquer the world.

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2. When your first campers arrive and you could not be more excited.

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3. Becoming best friends with your co-counselors insanely fast.

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4. Knowing exactly where you get phone service.

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Not that you really need to communicate with the outside world anyway

5. Doing anything to make sure your campers are having fun.

Even if it means a pie upside the head multiple times a week.

6. Being a pro at killing bugs.

“I heard our counselor killed a wasp with her bare hands.”

7. Getting defensive when people make fun of your campers.

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Only you can do that

8. Living with those tan lines.

Sandal tan, watch tan, farmer tan.

9. Dancing at every meal

No time to eat when “Raining Tacos,” “Breakfast Time,” or “I’m a Raccoon” is on.

10. Being in desperate need of quiet time and energy

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11. Going underwater for peace and quiet.

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12. There is nothing cooler than getting mail.

Warner Bros. / Via freshmenoflife.tumblr.com

13. You can do no wrong in the eyes of your campers.

14. Dance parties all day, every day.

Universal Pictures / Via giphy.com

15. Finishing the summer in disbelief that it is over.

Disney / Via giphy.com

16. And going home trying to explain your summer but no one can understand.

Disney / Via troll.me

Unless they’ve been a camp counselor.

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