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    15 Reasons Why Sweet Briar College Is Worth Saving

    Yesterday, Sweet Briar College announced that it would be closing it's doors in August of this year. You may have heard the news and thought to yourself, "What the heck is a Sweet Briar?" (Answer: it's a rose...and also an amazing women's college.) A movement is brewing to #SaveSweetBriar and the small, dedicated army behind it would like your support. Here are 15 reasons why:

    The Mascot Is A Vixen Which Is Pretty Much The Coolest Thing Ever

    Traditions, traditions!

    The "Holla Holla" Song

    The Campus Is Haunted...Really!

    Men Need Not Fear To Tread Here

    They Have Some Kick Ass Slogans

    It's Just So Freaking Beautiful

    Students Are Never Just A Number In A Seating Chart

    The Alumnae Are Awesome!

    The College Was #LikeAGirl Before #LikeAGirl Was A Thing

    Sweet Briar Women Are Seriously Honorable

    They Also Have An Intense Sense of Civic Duty

    Not Quite Sure How To Put This But...Sweet Briar Is Kind Of A Big Deal

    They Are Strongly Committed To Providing An Education To All Who Are Worthy To Bear The Rose

    Some Women You Might Recognize Have Benefitted From A Single Sex Education

    These are just a very few examples of what makes Sweet Briar such a special place to the many who regard it as their home away from home. (And to the few who permanently call it home.) If you'd like to help keep Sweet Briar a part of the American college landscape you can visit and pledge your support. You can also join the conversation on Twitter by using #SaveSweetBriar. Hope to see you there!