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3 Dresses That Make The Summer-Autumn Transition A Lot Easier

Because some clothes are worth investing if you can wear them all year round.

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The Illusion Dress

Lookbook Store / Via lookbookstore.co

Need instant curves? Fool the eye with an illusion glam maxi dress. It's a tank dress to keep you cool this summer and can be worn under a blazer in the Fall.

The Chiffon Maxi Dress

Google Plus / Via plus.google.com

Looking for something light and airy? Then go for a chiffon maxi dress. The fabric itself is breezy, so you don't have to worry about the weather. And just put on a cardigan and you keep yourself warm on social gatherings.

The Embroidery Dress

Lookbook Store / Via lookbookstore.co

Need a no-fuss dress? Go for an embroidered dress. Such is already stylish on its own, with its texture and all, that you can keep accessories at a minimum. And What's more? a dress like the one above can be worn with tights to keep your legs warm.

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