Why Exercise When You Can Buy This Snuggie?

Now’s your chance to totally fool people into thinking you’re a college athlete. So long as those people are dumb.

1. We all know Snuggies, right? Yeah, Snuggies are great.

2. Or maybe you’re more of a Slanket person? Totally fine.

3. Now, there’s a body-shaped blanket that’ll transform you into your favorite college football player! From this …


4. … to this!

5. You look just like the real thing!

Eric Gay / AP

Is one of these guys not supposed to be there? Because I can’t tell!

7. There are so many to choose from!

8. If you’re getting a mid-’90s WWF vibe, there’s a reason for that.

Giant Gonzales was wearing muscle suits way before it was cool!

9. And they’re not just for men, obviously! (Though the football one, kind of makes it look like a woman has a giant penis.)

10. So maybe basketball is a better idea. Maryland Terrapin? No problem!

11. Make sure to wear one to your favorite March Madness party, because that will most definitely not be weird.

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