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    Vomiting Umpire Delays Game After Swallowing His Chew

    There are some things you never, ever want to swallow.

    Umpire Brian O'Nora had to leave the Mets-Phillies game tonight after accidentally swallowing his chewing tobacco in the first inning. (The actual swallow and its immediate aftermath were not aired.)

    David Wright was getting ready to hit and then...not.

    Yeah, that's never a good sight.

    Adrian Johnson, meanwhile, ran away to put on his home-plate gear.

    O'Nora once had to leave a game in 2008 after getting his head cut open by a bat shard.

    But the Mets dugout, past which O'Nora sought refuge, got a good laugh out of this one. Sounds like he'll be just fine.