There Is Hope For Vilified, Overpaid Baseball Players Named Alex R.

Welcome back, Alex Rios. A-Rod, take heart!

1. Alex Rios had a historically bad year in 2011, chalking up a Wins Above Replacement rating of -1.7. Simply put, that means any old Triple-A outfielder would’ve helped the Chicago White Sox win 1.7 more games than the $12.5 million-earning Rios.

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2. Last night, the old Alex Rios, the one that earned his $70 million contract once upon a time, was back, as he went 6-for-6 (and stole two bases!) in a nine-inning game.

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3. It was only the fourth time that a player has had at least six hits and two steals in a game. The person to do it was Sammy Sosa 20 years ago.

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4. Even better is that his WAR is back in the positive range and, in fact, leading the team. It’s good to be THIS Alex R. again.

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