This Is How You Stun A Stadium Of 21,000 Baseball Fans

David Ortiz took 17 years to finally do this one thing. No one in attendance will soon forget.

David Ortiz excels at hitting, like when he reached out to poke a two-run single Wednesday night to give Boston an early lead.

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That’s a 78-mph curveball that Ortiz poked the other way. Not a bad piece of hitting, but that’s why Ortiz is making $14 million this season.


What Ortiz is not paid for is his ability to steal bases, since he’d only swiped 11 in 1,860 games career games. Wednesday night, he made that 12.

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That’s now one for every 155 games he’s played — and this was the first time he’d ever stolen third base.

Ben Lindbergh


David Ortiz spent the last 17 years not stealing third base, lulling the American League into a false sense of security. And then he struck.

Ortiz has 12 career steals. That was his first steal of third base. You never know what you're going to see at the ballpark #RedSox

— Pete Abraham (@PeteAbe)

Pete Abraham


Ortiz has 12 career steals. That was his first steal of third base. You never know what you’re going to see at the ballpark #RedSox

Just look at all those wonderfully confused White Sox fans in the background, knowing the improbable reality they’ve just collectively stared down.

Here was the last time Ortiz stole any base, back in June 2011. A little lighter on his feet then? Perhaps.

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During the pitch right before the steal, you get the sense Ortiz is really checking to see if the defense is expecting anything. Satisfied with the alignment, he sets his plan in motion.

With a 3-2 count, the only risk comes if the batter strikes out. Then, Ortiz might be a dead duck at third. NO MATTER, OFF HE GOES.

Well, the batter is so stunned, he stands there as strike three sails on by. However, the catcher is also equally stunned, ergo no throw, ergo MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

So David Ortiz may have always been slower than molasses …

Jim Rogash / Getty Images

… but these tires still have some tread where it counts.

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