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The Slowest Sports Day Of The Year? No Way!

Cricket! The ESPYs! What's not to love?

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Eric Gaillard / Reuters

But hey, what about that 17th stage of the Tour de France, right? There might be a new champ this year and it's always fun to see those guys cruise past great scenery. Oh, it already happened this morning because of the time difference? Cool.

Shane Bevel / Getty Images

The WNBA also has two games. Seattle-Tulsa (pictured) are two of the league's worst teams, while Atlanta-Los Angeles features two of the top squads. (If you knew either of these salient points, you were probably already going to watch. Moving on.)

David McNew / Getty Images

Still feeling lost, like the interminability of no football, basketball, and hockey can't fill the void of a sporadic, baseball-only diet that still requires this day-long fast? Isn't there some salvation on the horizon?

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

THE ESPY AWARDS ARE TONIGHT! Tim Tebow jokes! B-list actors and disinterested athletes reading teleprompters! Awkward laughs! You just try and think of a more life-fulfilling way to end the (not!) slowest sports day of the year.