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    The NFL Preseason Touchdown We Shall Never Speak Of Again

    Burn the tapes. Cover your eyes.

    Ryan Mathews likely wasn't too pleased with this goal line fumble yesterday against the Cardinals, but it's the preseason and these things happen.

    At least the Cardinals recovered it and OH HEY WHOOPS.

    What an unfortunate time for Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson to temporarily go insane and lateral the ball to a teammate near his opponent's end zone.

    John Phillips, BE A HERO.

    This was the scene as Phillips rumbled into the end zone. ALL OF THE EMOTIONS going on here.

    Christian Petersen / Getty Images

    And when you've scored two touchdowns over parts of three NFL seasons, you damn well better celebrate.

    The entire play is difficult to stomach for any football fan (more so for the Arizona faithful), but know that football cannot get any weirder or more hilarious than this.


    (OK, I lied.)