The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 7: Megatron Flies High

Also featuring the much-heralded return of The Gronk.


Gronk back? Gronk back!

2. Tom Brady GAAAAAAAAH Face Of The Week

It was not a good week for the Patriots. At all.

3. The Spike That Would Not Spike

You have to look closely, but Geno Smith clearly did not mean to float the football away here. He meant to SPIKE IT into the ground. Oh well.

4. Head Over Fleet

First drive of the game for the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill throws a baaaad pick-six.

5. A Cinch For Cincinnati

A.J. Green made this 82-yard catch-and-run look Madden-esque in its ease and execution.

6. Just Out of Reach

There are some balls that even Calvin Johnson can’t catch. Weird, but true.

7. Man Of Steal

James Laurinaitis sacks Cam Newton and mocks his Superman celebration. We see what you did there.

8. Cool Shades Of The Week: Jeff Fisher Edition

9. “It Was The One-Armed Man!”

Vincent Jackson’s 138 yards and two TDs weren’t enough to help Tampa Bay escape Atlanta with a win, but this catch was pretty great.

10. Stunned Fans Of The Week: Jacksonville Edition

The Jaguars are 0-7? You don’t say.

11. Bad Day For Smokin’ Jay

The Bears fear that Jay Cutler may be out for a long time after this play against the Redskins. They’re already bringing in reinforcements.

12. Nightmare Fuel Of The Week: Pixar Edition

13. Brandon Gibson Believes He Can Fly

Pinball machines are fun, but not so much when you’re a football player emulating their inner workings. (Or so we’re told.)

14. Megatron Always A Slam Dunk

Jason Miller / Getty

Two touchdowns, 155 receiving yards. And Calvin Johnson could probably start for the Pistons right now at small forward.

I mean, look at this catch. Now look again. (Again.)

16. Referees Making It Rain

An impressive bit of synchronization by the refs in Charlotte. When they add this to the Olympics, we know who’ll be the favorites for gold.

17. Your Weekly Reminder That Football Is A Dangerous And Violent Sport

RIP, Jacksonville security guard. He never even saw it coming.

18. Friendly Fire

It’s generally frowned upon when you take out your own teammate with your helmet. Someone tell the Bears’ secondary.

19. Still Life, With Cheese

There’s a lot going on here.

20. Bowe Knows Flips

Dwayne Bowe was OK after this gravitationally challenged maneuver.

21. Kaepping Off Another 49ers Win

This play was Colin Kaepernick’s first rushing TD of the season, and San Francisco won easily at home against the Titans.

22. Now Starting At QB: Fakey McFakerpants

No idea if he meant to do this, or if Alex Smith just completely botched the handoff and had to improvise. Either way, do NOT play poker with Alex Smith. Your wallet thanks you in advance.

23. Great Goolgy Moogly, The Chiefs Are 7-0

Whether they are the worst 7-0 team in history is hardly the point. Weaker teams usually get easier schedules the following season, and the Chiefs have made the most of their opponents’ shortcomings. And a home matchup next week against Cleveland? Well, it’s pretty easy to make a “7” look like an “8.” No need to make another sign.

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