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The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 7: Megatron Flies High

Also featuring the much-heralded return of The Gronk.

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Megatron Always A Slam Dunk

Jason Miller / Getty

Two touchdowns, 155 receiving yards. And Calvin Johnson could probably start for the Pistons right now at small forward.

I mean, look at this catch. Now look again. (Again.)


Now Starting At QB: Fakey McFakerpants

No idea if he meant to do this, or if Alex Smith just completely botched the handoff and had to improvise. Either way, do NOT play poker with Alex Smith. Your wallet thanks you in advance.

Great Goolgy Moogly, The Chiefs Are 7-0

Whether they are the worst 7-0 team in history is hardly the point. Weaker teams usually get easier schedules the following season, and the Chiefs have made the most of their opponents' shortcomings. And a home matchup next week against Cleveland? Well, it's pretty easy to make a "7" look like an "8." No need to make another sign.