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    The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 13: Like Tears In Rain

    Also featuring some bad passing, tenacious QBs, and the most painful tackle of the season.

    Knowshon Moreno, Man Of Much Emotion

    Weirdly enough, they're real!

    Football Follies: Cleveland Edition

    Well, they didn't let Jacksonville score a TD on this. So there's that.

    A Pass To Nowhere

    Why, Weeden, why?

    Matt Cassel Will Run You Down, Dammit

    Do not even think of scoring after you intercept one of Cassel's passes. HE WILL CHASE YOU.

    Quite Possibly The Saddest Pass In NFL History

    Mike Glennon, you are magnificent. Never change, buddy.

    Where Basic Training Comes In Handy

    A military-style crawl to signify a first down. Moreno had himself quite the day.

    Confessions Of A Sad, Sad Quarterback

    They're no Moreno tears. Maybe on the inside.

    Dude, Where's My Sword?

    This guy. All day long.

    Vernon Davis, Gazelle

    He wasn't done yet.

    Vernon Davis, Gazelle: OH, THE PAIN

    The agony. THE AGONY.

    Vernon Davis, Gazelle: THE RETURN

    Phew, he's OK.

    Does Adrian Peterson Dream Of Electric Sheep?

    He simply is not human. What even was that move?

    Sorry Houston, You've Been Chopped

    DOWN GOES BRADY. Well, just this once, and the Patriots did win the game, but this guy is a True Football Fan™.

    Now Presenting The Most Insufferable TV Show In History

    Two guys, all the smarm.

    Coat Of The Week: Texans Edition

    Somehow, it works.

    Grab Your Towel, Don't Panic

    It's 42, Kellen Clemens. Trust me.

    The Shadows Know

    Nothing like a crisp December afternoon game in San Francisco to just completely screw with your senses. (How's that Levi's Stadium coming along?)

    Someone Didn't Hear That Movember Is Over

    Rollie Fingers, Matt Cassel is not.

    Tom Brady's Dammit Of The Week

    Never gets old.

    Someone Dropped His Smile Somewhere

    Get it? It's because Stevan Ridley was benched for fumbling so much. ... OK, moving on!

    Hat Of The Week: Colts Bro Edition

    You know he wears that hat everywhere, just hoping people tell him how cool it is.

    Alshon Jeffrey Just Melted Your Brain

    Good gravy, what a catch.

    High Fives For Everyone

    You have to admire Cordarrelle Patterson's tenacity. He does not give up.

    Pun Of The Week: Panthers Edition

    We see what you did there.

    Don't Turn Around

    Just keep walking, Matt Schaub. Eyes forward. ... OK, NOW START RUNNING.

    The Eck Loves D

    For future reference, 1988 Dennis Eckersley is alive and well and rooting for the Colts. This info may come in handy one day*.

    (* No, it won't.)

    Even Kickers Have Fans

    The production values aren't much, but extra fan points for obscurity.

    You Don't Give Yourself A Nickname, Ron Rivera

    Josh Gold-Smith


    Good luck with that.

    / Via

    Especially When The Nickname You Have Is Pretty Great

    James Develin Won't Be Denied

    His first career TD — and it didn't come easy.

    Welp, That's Never A Good Sign

    You know, when you accidentally rip your dang sign.

    That's All, Folks

    Take us home, Curt Menefee. What a weird day.