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    The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 13: Like Tears In Rain

    Also featuring some bad passing, tenacious QBs, and the most painful tackle of the season.

    Knowshon Moreno, Man Of Much Emotion

    Football Follies: Cleveland Edition

    A Pass To Nowhere

    Matt Cassel Will Run You Down, Dammit

    Quite Possibly The Saddest Pass In NFL History

    Where Basic Training Comes In Handy

    Confessions Of A Sad, Sad Quarterback

    Dude, Where's My Sword?

    Vernon Davis, Gazelle

    Vernon Davis, Gazelle: OH, THE PAIN

    Vernon Davis, Gazelle: THE RETURN

    Does Adrian Peterson Dream Of Electric Sheep?

    Sorry Houston, You've Been Chopped

    Now Presenting The Most Insufferable TV Show In History

    Coat Of The Week: Texans Edition

    Grab Your Towel, Don't Panic

    The Shadows Know

    Someone Didn't Hear That Movember Is Over

    Tom Brady's Dammit Of The Week

    Someone Dropped His Smile Somewhere

    Hat Of The Week: Colts Bro Edition

    Alshon Jeffrey Just Melted Your Brain

    High Fives For Everyone

    Pun Of The Week: Panthers Edition

    Don't Turn Around

    The Eck Loves D

    Even Kickers Have Fans

    You Don't Give Yourself A Nickname, Ron Rivera

    Josh Gold-Smith


    Good luck with that.

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    Especially When The Nickname You Have Is Pretty Great

    James Develin Won't Be Denied

    Welp, That's Never A Good Sign

    That's All, Folks