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    The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 11: The Right To Bear Arms

    Also featuring an impromptu dance party and all the nightmare fuel you can possibly stomach.


    Let's get the party started, shall we?

    Cheer Up, Dog

    The Bengals eventually pulled away thanks to a 31-point second quarter. After that, this li'l guy was really crying in his water bowl.

    Burfict Technique

    Bengals linebacking beast Vontaze Burfict had quite the day: 11 solo tackles, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, a defensive TD, and one hilarious homage to Bo Jackson.

    Juuuuuust A Bit Wide

    Everything went wrong for the Jets today, so no one will remember this Nick Folk field goal attempt that ended up in another zip code.

    Keep Philly Beard

    Jason Kelce, bringing that mountain man look to an offensive line near you.

    There Are No Words For This Brandon Mebane Celebration


    Shady Laid Up

    It was a stressful few minutes when fantasy football hero LeSean McCoy went down clutching his hamstring in the second quarter. Everyone's collective blood pressure, though, shot right back to normal when he came out for the second half and ended the day with 77 rushing yards, 73 receiving yards, and two scores.

    Stressed-Out Fan Of The Week: Houston Edition

    Her fingernails are gone, and so is this Texans season at 2-8 after losing to the Raiders at home.

    Weather Apocalypse Of The Week: Chicago Edition

    Bears-Ravens was delayed nearly two hours due to the rash of deadly tornadoes that struck the Midwest over the course of Sunday.

    Manti Te'o: Still Seeing People That Aren't There

    Seriously, who/what/where was he looking at on this play? Yeesh.

    The Right To Bear Arms

    Someone call Animal Control before this guy mauls someone.

    Jason Babin: The Demon Barber Of Jacksonville / Via Twitter: @theScore

    Andre Ellington never knew until it was too late.

    Good Samaritan Of The Week: Hair Edition

    Good news - Andre Ellington got his hair back after all #AZvsJAX



    Good news - Andre Ellington got his hair back after all #AZvsJAX

    / Via

    The Minnesota Vikings' Season, In One Amazingly Sad GIF

    It's anyone's guess why they're 2-8.

    Pete Carroll Is Always The Happiest Guy In The Room

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, baby.

    Jim Harbaugh Is Always THE ANGRIEST GUY In The World


    The Elitist Smile

    A Level Playing Field

    The winds in Chicago had the field goal posts teetering to their sides.

    Calvin Johnson, As Only Calvin Johnson Can Do

    It's simply not fair.

    This Is Why You Don't Fake An Easy Field Goal

    Because you might not make it and then you might lose the game in heartbreaking fashion. (Maybe.)

    Shoddy Tackling Does Not Win Championships

    Just ask the Cleveland Browns' secondary.

    Area Rich Guy Is Happy

    Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross celebrates a hard-fought win over San Diego.

    RIP Drew Brees' Neck

    We hardly knew ye.