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The 89 Funniest Sports GIFs Of 2013

Bellyflops. Cakes smashed into faces. Hovercrafts. This year had it all.

It was quite a year.

Tim McCarver awkwardly high-fived his way out of baseball.

Prince Fielder pulled off one of the least clutch baserunning moves of all time.

This Lakers "fan" got a face full of cake.

Rob Ryan worked through his existential crisis.

Scott Feldman nearly lost his head, though we may never know for sure what happened during that commercial break.

The rare MMA double KO finally went down. Ha ha, "went down."

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Louie Anderson became BFFs.

Zdeno Chara discovered that ice is slippery.

Bubba Watson got himself a sweet hovercraft.

Chad Qualls fell.

Brad Stevens lost his damn mind.

These Dolphins fans got down.

Mark DeRosa starred as the man who wasn't there.

Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin pulled off the rare "double dad-gummit."

Mike Glennon became the first Tampa Bay Buccaneer in many years to experience happiness.

Josh Donaldson was brought to his knees by a curveball.

This Jets fan just didn't get it.

The Upton brothers didn't communicate very well.

A stray dog nearly wrecked the Tour de France.

Travis Hafner followed Derek Jeter with terrible, terrible intentions in his eyes.

Mariano Rivera wouldn't stop clapping.

Geoff Ward ruined a fan's perfectly good beverage.

Professional baseball-thrower Raul Ibañez couldn't throw a baseball.

Pro thrower Andy Pettitte also had throwing difficulties.

@curiousbigdaddy / Via SBNation

Umpire Brian O'Nora stared fist-y death in the face and either didn't care or didn't notice.

Bearded Blackhawks Bro saw the future and began celebrating his team's Stanley Cup win a half-second before anyone else in the world.

Justin Tuck stared right into your soul.

Whatever is happening here definitely happened.

Koji Uehara got carried away.

Yadier Molina got punched out via telekinesis.


This Packers fan just realized he was on TV.

Same for this Cardinals fan, who took it in stride.

Adam Wainwright had a Richie Tenenbaum moment.

Patrik Berglund forgot how to hockey.

Gerald Henderson knocked out a fan.

This guy suddenly remembered he was waving a turkey leg.

Rajon Rondo realized how crappy the Celtics really are.

This Qatari World Cup stadium was built like a vagina.

Tony Romo got sneaky.

Tom Ronaldi SALTED Jordan Spieth.


Andy Reid became a cartoon hero.

LSUFreek / Via

These two girls had the cutest taekwondo match ever.

Brandon Bollig showcased his puck skills.

This little dunker took a tumble.

Adam Schefter caught a pass.

The butt slide became a part of our lives.

Tom Brady rode a wrecking ball.

Jonathan Villar made the worst possible attempt to bunt.

This Little Leaguer was introduced to the power of the breaking pitch.

Notre Dame had a rough year.

This wrestler became a tiny dancer.

This arm wrestler became a demon.

These bikers fell into an endless pit of despair.

Colby Rasmus celebrated a teammate's home run by pretending to masturbate.

This fan got knocked the fuck out.

Lucas Nogueira put on a hat. Sort of.

Gordon Beckham summed up the White Sox season in one play.

Adrian Beltre got picked on.

Will Smith ALMOST kicked a soccer ball.

The Tiny Pantsless Photobomber walked his way into America's heart.

A.J. Burnett's teammates pranked him with a rosin bag...twice. (Notice his reaction.)

MLB / Via SBNation

Jake Westbrook finally got that high five.

This wrestling fan cursed everyone in the arena.

Hockey became confusing for everyone involved.

This little fan threw a trophy ball back.

Joakim Noah trolled the Miami Heat.

Hunter Pence showed us his secrets.

Dick (Ricky) Fowler issued some serious street justice.

Jeff Green and Brad Stevens shared the most awkward hug of the year.

This Iron Man runner ALMOST showboated too much.

Gerrit Cole didn't know the camera was on.

Robinson Cano got territorial.


Abraham Lincoln gave Teddy Roosevelt the business.

This minor league skydiver came in a little too hot.

Miguel Angel Jimenez stretched it out.

Zack Wheeler got the beer shower of the year.

Jim Harbaugh and his dad went to see Judge Judy.

The 2013 New York Mets infield...*buries head in hands*.

Manny Ramierez gave 110%.

Brutus the Buckeye was reminded that he is a mascot and not a football player.

Gestures of sportsmanship triumphed.


@mayorburnsy / Via SBNation

Koji got slap happy.

Matt Stafford freaked out, man.

@bubbaprog / Via

The Twins bullpen executed a perfect stunt for the cameras.

@bryztwinkietown / Via SBNation

Landon Donovan was messin' around.


A Mets fan got SNIPED.

BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @MattSebek

Joakim Noah seduced a nation.

And Chris Bosh ate confetti.