The 19 Worst NFL Plays Of 2013

Not exactly how they drew ‘em up.

19. Tony Romo learns that sidelines officials are not eligible receivers.

18. Ed Reed inexplicably drifts out of position, makes the Ravens feel OK about letting him go.

17. Leonard Johnson does his best to self-concuss.

16. Joe Flacco airs it out.

15. Geno Smith with the flail-ball.

14. Detroit pulls off the worst field-goal fake ever.

13. Pittsburgh’s defense forgets how to tackle.

12. Philip Rivers: Not a kicker.

11. Gio Bernard goes down for the count.

10. Matt Barkley attempts to play football, fails.

9. Cincinnati allows game-ending safety, because why not?

8. Mike Glennon faking us all out.

7. The Cowboys secondary learns about “down by contact.”

6. Danny Trevathan starts the party a little too early.

5. The Minnesota Vikings’ season in three seconds.

4. Brandon Weeden performs an interpretive dance on the theme of “sadness.”

3. DeMarco Murray, made of Flubber.

2. Cleveland’s defense with whatever this is called.

1. Blaine Gabbert confirms he has no field of vision.

Rob Ryan, your overall thoughts?

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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