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    Posted on Apr 16, 2013

    Rick Porcello Threw A Curveball So Filthy An A's Batter Basically Passed Out Rather Than Try To Hit It

    Josh Donaldson will see this pitch in his nightmares for years to come, if, that is, his brain still works.

    Not all curveballs are created equal. Some never even reach home plate.

    Some just float through the air, tantalizing the batter into a flummoxed gaze.

    But this curveball from Rick Porcello on Sunday? This is just completely unfair.

    As for Josh Donaldson, he's fine, except for the lingering void within his own dignity. All of his limbs just start moving in different directions.

    Here's the pitch in real-time. The A's announcers were as stunned as Donaldson.


    h/t @CrashburnAlley