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NASCAR Drivers' Bodies Are Deformed From Always Turning Left

And two other takeaways from reigning champ Brad Keselowski's Reddit AMA.

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1. When someone asked what he'd do if Doc Brown jumped out of a DeLorean and offered him the chance to compete in any given year. This is a question that should be posed to every athlete. His answer:

Tom Pennington / Getty Images

See a bitchin' winged car here. Keselowski also added that he picked 1998 because of the number of legendary racers who were in their prime at that point, specifically naming Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin, and Dale Jarrett.

2. This illuminating (and somewhat depressing!) response to a question about what the condition of his car during Friday's practice will often mean for Sunday's race result:

Jared C. Tilton / Getty Images

It has to be kind of a bummer to have two whole days to think about how you're probably going to lose.

3. This disturbing response when someone asked Keselowski one side of racers' bodies gets stronger than the other, due to the constant left-turn driving of the sport, he answered:

This is incorrect. Being an asymmetrical freak is not natural at all, and thinking about a race between 40 half-normal, half-Hulk weirdos is creepy as hell. Nonetheless, doing the chat was a nice move on Keselowski and NASCAR's part.