MLB Conveniently Forgets To Acknowledge Most Embarrassing All-Star Game Moment Ever

The 2002 All-Star Game? Oh, RIGHT, that one.

1. For the All-Star Game at Citi Field, MLB has set up part of the scoreboard with the results of recent Midsummer Classics. But wait, something was missing yesterday.

Craig Calcaterra


It’s @MLB revisionist history. The tied All-Star Game in 2002 didn’t happen.


2. The 2002 game never happened!

3. Of course, that was when the game ended in a controversial 7-7 tie after 11 innings which remains a permanent black mark on the tenure of Commissioner Bud Selig (pictured center).

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

4. Fans were booing and chanting “Let them play!” as it became clear that there’d be no winner.

5. Today, the game is back! Baseball infamy is restored.

Eric Fisher


So the 2002 ASG tie did happen after all. Back on scoreboard after yesterday’s odd absence

6. Let this be a lesson: You do not screw with the past.

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