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    Major League Baseball's Whiniest, Most Sanctimontious Pest

    Less talking, more hitting, Montero.

    This is Miguel Montero, the Arizona Diamondbacks catcher who should really consider plugging his mouth with that ball and worry more about himself.

    On Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke: "I know he’s a little chickenshit."

    On Dodgers phenom Yasiel Puig: "He’s creating a bad reputation around the league... He’s got so much talent, it’d be really bad if he wasted it doing the stupid things that he’s doing."

    On former Arizona pitcher Trevor Bauer: "When you get a guy like that and he thinks he’s got everything figured out, it’s just tough to...try to get on the same page... He never wanted to listen."

    On Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw: "Then you see video with [Kershaw] coming at me throwing punches and nobody mentioned it. Golden boys, I guess."

    On Tigers closer Jose Valverde: "He's a fucking prick... The way he acts, it's not right, you know? You've got to be professional. I've always felt that way."

    On whether the 2011 Milwaukee Brewers were stealing signs: "They just laid off [pitches] like they knew it was coming... It's a little shady."

    All this from a .220-hitting player who is (arguably) the most inept catcher in MLB this year.

    Word to the wise: Worry less about what other players are up to and even less than that about whether your chest protector is properly personalized.

    h/t Sports on Earth's Will Leitch