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Inside The Rodeo For Supermax Prisoners At Angola Penitentiary

The injuries are real, the rewards are tiny, but the convicts will stare down a charging bull just for the thrill of competition.

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Every April and October, a select few inmates get to participate in the Angola Prison Rodeo, which offers cash prizes and a little competition for individuals who are mostly isolated.

Sisters Kristy and Katie Barry made a mini-documentary about the Angola rodeo — we've briefly summarized it below, but when you have the time, watch the doc full-screen.

One event at the Cain-supervised institution's rodeo is Convict Poker, in which inmates sit at a table and the last one not to get unseated by a rampaging bull "wins." Losing involves being launched three feet off the ground by a bull horn in the ass.


But don't forget about bulldogging, where you have to try and flip a bull. It mostly ends up with the convict putting a bull in a headlock (and then most likely getting gored in the ass).

h/t Kristy Barry

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