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Infielder-On-Infielder Crime Wave Strikes Major League Baseball

Elvis Andrus can't stop messing hilariously with Adrian Beltre, and Robinson Cano gave his shortstop a dirty look (but was joking).

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On Monday, goofy young Texas shortstop Elvis Andrus had a wee bit o' fun with his respected veteran third baseman, Adrian Beltre, during an infield fly popup. (Messing with Beltre is a longtime trend.) Of course, being an infield fly, the ball didn't need to be caught as the batter was already out, but that only fueled Andrus' horsin' around.


But Beltre laughs it off, too, probably because he recognizes that baseball is a super-fun sport and it's cool to joke around sometimes and that such displays of lightheartedness can help to break up the monotony of a long season.

Last night, facetious infielder tension struck again. It wasn't on an infield fly, but Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter Eduardo Nuñez crossed the invisible midway line to the other side of second base.

Better sleep on those team flights with one eye open, Eduardo Nuñez.


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