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    How One German Unicyclist Takes His Talent To New Heights

    Unicycling along a mountainside? This 26-year-old is a natural.

    Here's extreme unicyclist Lutz Eichholz. In 2010, he landed the highest-recorded unicycle drop in history.


    These days, he gets his thrills by unicycling through the Dolomites in northeast Italy.

    He was hooked after meeting an extreme unicyclist during a trip to China some years back.

    Eichholz has been unicycling since he was nine, but he became tired with the same old routines and tricks.


    "At first, when I was looking for something challenging, my friends and I took to the parks where skateboarders and mountain bikers were doing tricks," he told a German newspaper.

    Eichholz plans on retiring soon and completing a degree focused on urban planning.

    With views like this, it's hard to believe he'll ever give up this extreme sport entirely.

    Still, every time up the mountain is a risky proposition.

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