How One German Unicyclist Takes His Talent To New Heights

    Unicycling along a mountainside? This 26-year-old is a natural.

    Here's extreme unicyclist Lutz Eichholz. In 2010, he landed the highest-recorded unicycle drop in history.


    These days, he gets his thrills by unicycling through the Dolomites in northeast Italy.

    He was hooked after meeting an extreme unicyclist during a trip to China some years back.

    Eichholz has been unicycling since he was nine, but he became tired with the same old routines and tricks.

    Eichholz plans on retiring soon and completing a degree focused on urban planning.

    With views like this, it's hard to believe he'll ever give up this extreme sport entirely.

    Still, every time up the mountain is a risky proposition.

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    h/t Oddity Central