Here’s Duke’s Basketball Team Waving Around Fake Semi-Automatic Rifles At West Point

A visit to West Point included some time with the Army’s simulation training program. (These guns only look real.)

1. During a weekend trip to head coach Mike Krzyzewski’s alma mater, West Point, Duke men’s basketball team toured campus and got in a full practice.

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Just arrived at West Point. Amazing listening to Coach K tell Blue Devils about his time here. #DukeElevate

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2. The players even got to experience some of the realer aspects of cadet training.

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.@Duke_MBB took in West Point today, complete with gun simulation training. #DukeElevate

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3. Including spending some time in West Point’s Simulation Center, created to “educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets through design, development and application of full spectrum simulation training programs.”

4. These modified M4 Carbines sure do look battlefield-ready, but those air hoses/cabling coming off the front of each one are clear giveaways that these are for instructional use only.

5. But they need to operate like the real thing so they can be applied for military training purposes.

6. While not directly participating, Krzyzewski still looked like he was enjoying himself.

7. The players took aim at a computer simulation program.

8. “Let me see your war face!”

9. Regardless of the weaponry’s realness, the West Point instructor maybe should’ve spent some more time on safety and proper handling.

10. After that, it was off to Christl Arena for a full practice. No word yet if the team’s shooting percentage was higher than ever. GET IT? *SHOOTING* PERCENTAGE? LOL, GUNS.

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