14 Awesome, Surreal Images From The NFL’s Day Of Blizzard Games

Can you see me now?

1. An afternoon storm blanketed the East Coast with more than a foot of snow and caused near-whiteout conditions at several NFL games.

Patrick Smith / Getty

2. Baltimore: SNOW.

3. Pittsburgh: SNOW.

4. Washington: SNOW

5. Philadelphia: SNOW.

6. Seriously, this looks like a painting.

7. There’s a fumble in here somewhere. Trust us.

8. And we have no earthly idea how Riley Cooper caught this ball.

9. In Philadelphia, both teams gave up early on kicking extra points.

10. The coolest (heh) development was Fox using its first-down line tech to superimpose the yard-line numbers onto the snowy field.

11. Players were sliding in and out of end zones all day.

12. Dolphins proved that they could play in the snow.

13. And the weather was, of course perfect, for snow angel touchdown celebrations.

14. The snow even drove everyone away from the game in Washington. (Oh wait, the Washington players did that.)

Oh my goodness

— Dan Steinberg (@dcsportsbog)

Dan Steinberg


Oh my goodness

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