Don’t Ever Sit Next To This Hysterically Clumsy Red Sox Fan

Hide your beer, hide your phone.

1. Little did Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino know that his spectacular flying catch into the stands last night would help expose a Fenway Park public menace.

2. It really was sensational, but we learned some valuable life lessons.

Dominick Reuter / Reuters

3. First off is, don’t sit next to this guy, unless you want to see your phone flying onto the field.

4. Nice of the Flying Hawaiian to stop and help the fan out.

5. And the second life lesson learned is NEVER SIT NEXT TO THAT GUY, because now look what happens to the other fan standing near him.

6. She laughed it off and he appears genuinely sorry, but this guy needs to be aware that his limbs are capable of wreaking extreme havoc.

7. Fans of Fenway, you’ve been warned. Your beer and phones are no match for this man’s cheering hysterics.

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